Just Released in April: The Only Software That Finds 'Verified' Vacant Houses in ANY City...

"I already have 2 houses under contract..."

"I'm sending out about 5,000 mailings at a time, and I get a lot of phone calls every single time! From my first mailing, I already have 2 houses under contract and a few more I'm about to get too! Thank you Cam and keep up the good work!"

...P. Fishbine, New York

"My First deal made $3,932.50..."

"The Vacant House Data Feed has cut dozens of hours off my time searching for leads as well as stress over bird dogs who disappear, leaving me to drive the ZIP codes. I simply choose a ZIP code, enter my parameters and select the houses that I then market to using the Mail Manager.

I just did my first deal with a lead from the Vacant House Data Feed and made $3,932.50. It’s definitely the wave of the future... I have access to properties and the data on them that eludes my competition. Further, the storage of my mailing lists allows me to keep track of my activity for follow-up contact."

...C. Dill, Georgia

"We got 3 properties under contract in the first week..."

"We got 3 properties under contract in the first week of marketing to the VHDF. We’ve sent 350 postcards, got a 8% response rate and 3 deals under contract!"

...J. Hill, Alabama